To hijab or dejab?

Before today, I was considering writing an article about the controversy of the hijab. I was considering writing about how so many people choose to wear the hijab despite the perturbing fear of being judged by different communities and for a multitude of reasons. But I was going to do that without admitting one thing... Continue Reading →


they erased your existence, you looked on, thinking of home. they tried and tried to make you find yourself in the soils of a land that you did not belong to, they forgot the traces of you. they forgot you, in pursuit of finding you, they forgot you, in attempt to sell you to a... Continue Reading →

One thick braid slicked back, That’s how my mother arrived in this country. Baggy Kameez hanging over her. A scarf draped loosely over her head, With the tail floating off her shoulder. She brought the smell of Kashmir with her, She spoke only in its numerous tongues, And she, she smiled sweeter than its tea.... Continue Reading →

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