Aurat (Poem)

||AURAT|| The difference is, We don't want to hold the weight Of womanhood On our heads. We want to spill it out, Share it, Make it loud. Not contained. - Shazmeen خالد (Photography is my own)  


Royal Albert Set to Celebrate Muslim Musical Heritage

Far too frequently Britain has become divided by narratives of conflict and hate, we see the Britain deeply at odds with notions of ‘us and them’, the majority and the other - so much so that attempts to cross cultural boundaries are often futile or non-existent. Television features and documentaries that try to portray Islam... Continue Reading →

Bakri (Poem)

from here on I am no longer just me I am daughter of, Fiancé of, Daughter in law to be. I ain't me. I'm his and Theirs And Belonging to the village of... I ain't me. I ain't me. -Shazmeen خالد

Oblivious White Man (Poem)

Here we have another white man Telling me to be grateful for the opportunities that he gave to me. Gave  To me. When he took and continues to take  More than he has ever given. White man telling me  that he done so much for my family.  Right,  and I'm meant to be alright, I'm... Continue Reading →

The ‘Dawah’ scene.

  The YouTube "dawah" scene has become a breeding ground for self-righteous, entitled and highly misogynistic religious preachers who frantically wave their hands at the screen and put on a terrible Arabic accent. It is a nightmare for Muslims and frankly, I’m bloody sick of it. “OH, HERE WE GO ANOTHER FEMINIST TRYING TO DEVIATE... Continue Reading →

White Feminism (Poem)

I'm not here to congratulate white feminism, to applaud when she dyes her armpit hair blue When she still laughs at the hair on my upper lip and on the sides of my face. To give her a gold star when she says "Coloured women are beautiful too!" Because we are not. I am not.... Continue Reading →

One Ummah (Poem)

One ummah is a flavoursome term, You can scream "one ummah" all you like when you pick and when you choose, It doesn't change what makes it on Muslim breaking news, "ASTAGHFIRULLAH, a hijabi twerking on the street!" Yet you forget about "Jannah lies at her feet." and you forget the sister who got attacked... Continue Reading →

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