“A sophisticated, modern and mature slice of a burgeoning multicultural writer’s works. Shazmeen grapples with her often polarised identity in a beautiful and poetic way – even when in prose form she cannot shake the poet in her! Organised impeccably and summarised neatly into the bow that is her blog title, this is certainly the most enthralling blog you will read today, tomorrow and probably the next day too.” – S.A.



Culturally inappropriate scrapbooks the blog articles and creative work of a ‘British’ Muslim writer with a vociferous style. Most of the photographs featured in blog posts are from my own travels and document the beauty of culture and form part of an ongoing personal heritage archive. The name of the blog stems from the contrasting (and occasionally clashing) sides of my multicultural background and upbringing which have led to hilarious, emotional, conflicting…and culturally inappropriate scenarios and mishaps.

I hope that my work makes you laugh, sob, widen your eyes and gasp at times.

Sit back, drink pink, and read.

A sincere thank you for visiting my blog,