The (un)arranged Marriage

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Polarised between tradition and revolution

I hear the Mufti’s and the Sheikhs say all the time that loving or falling in love is not haraam, it’s what you do with it that matters and love is an integral part of marriage in Islam.

I hear the traditional members of my family say all the time that love comes after marriage, that if you stick to tradition you will be just fine, these modernists just go on about changing the way we do things and then eventually end up regretting it.

Before anyone goes spreading rumours or having a heart attack or crying because their undying love for me will never be professed… no, I’m not getting married. But, I want to, someday. And as that desire dawns, I am realising how difficult getting married could be.

What’s the gag? What is it that makes the pursuit for love so…

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Bakri (Poem)

from here on I am no longer just me I am daughter of, Fiancé of, Daughter in law to be. I ain't me. I'm his and Theirs And Belonging to the village of... I ain't me. I ain't me. -Shazmeen خالد

Sexual Politics In The South Asian Muslim Community

Women are encouraged to be submissive and chaste to avoid unwanted sexual attention, men are encouraged to be outgoing and are praised for wilfully scoping out the market of women (and I say market because the construction of sexual politics positions women as desirable objects or goods that must be thoroughly examined for flaws and … Continue reading Sexual Politics In The South Asian Muslim Community